To be an exemplary mentorship – based partnership
that inspires and prepares kids to be successful in life skills development while being fully immersed in stimulating activities.


To be a strong mentoring organization that has a long-term, positive impact on our youth and the community. To be the essence of excellence in mentorship.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Diversity

To accomplish our mission, we believe that we must be responsive to the needs of everyone who receives our services. We implement and improve programs using information and input from our kids, students, mentors, volunteers, educators, funders, board, and staff. We value people of all backgrounds irrespective of their race, ethnic origin, disability, or social class. We foster an environment of respect, openness, learning, integrity, and honesty. Our commitment to inclusiveness is evident in our organizational policies, procedures, and strategic plan.


  • FUN. We will always keep fun at the forefront.
  • CONNECTIONS. We will establish lasting and meaningful connections.
  • EQUITY. We will maintain the youth at the center in order to build equity.
  • IMPACT. We create and demonstrate positive impact.
  • CONSISTENCY. We will maintain consistency that creates success.
  • LOVE. We will remember love is always the foundation.